Friday, April 17, 2015

Let's Thunderclap!


Quick confession:  A few months back, I spotted a Thunderclap campaign and participated because a fellow author had posted the link. I had meant to go back and set up a campaign of my own and didn't. Fast forward a few months and I was on the phone with the wonderful online publicity guru Maranda Melton. During the course of our conversation, she brought up Thunderclap and it was her enthusiasm that inspired me to return to Thunderclap to find out what I'd missed. 

With the aforementioned, let me point out two things. Maranda offered to set one up for me in the near future and I jumped the gun, because I tend to do these things when excitement is pumping through my veins. It soon became obvious that this writer probably should've taken the time to read more about Thunderclap before setting up a campaign.

In any event, a five-day campaign was set and we were ready to go. Little did I know, most people allow a lot longer than five days for the Thunderclap campaigns I am asking for your support. 

Now let me just say that I'm more than willing to bribe you with chocolate. Actually, scratch that. I've been doing really well on my diet for 8 days, four hours, and roughly fifteen minutes. However, if you help me reach this goal by spreading the word about the linked Thunderclap campaign, I'll be happy to offer each participant a free ebook or three! See below for details. 

More about Thunderclap: You can support Thunderclap campaigns via Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. Visit my alter ego's first Thunderclap page by clicking here

What I've learned so far is valuable information. If you're setting up the Thunderclap campaigns, do so in advance so folks have time to see it. Secondly, a lot of people join Thunderclap groups so they can support one another. Where? Maranda mentioned a few on Facebook, but are there others? If so, where do you find them? Also, if Maranda stops by today, maybe she can leave us a few of the FB group links, too. 

Thunderclap is a fabulous way to pass along exciting news, announce release dates, and share links and information about your favorite charities. I'm anxious to learn more as we go along. Next time? I'll make sure to start the campaign early. In the meantime, if you're on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, would you please click the link here and support my alter ego's campaign for Heap of Trouble? 

In the comments below, you're welcome to leave your Thunderclap links, too. I'm happy to support you in return. 


P.S. Would you like a free eBook from my alter ego, Natalie Acres? Simply support the linked Thunderclap page on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr then email with THUNDERCLAP support in the subject line. Let me know if I can send you one, two, or three free eBooks (one for each site you use to 'thunderclap' the campaign). Please note: I only keep PDF files of personal eBooks so all promo prizes are in PDF format.  Books available for this campaign include any of the Contemporary Cowboys or Trouble, Tennessee books. Offer ends at 5 PM PST on Saturday, April 18th

Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal

Welcome to Destiny Blaine's Online Journal
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